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Companies have realised that they cannot depend on any one single marketing media to reach out to their customers. New media is not regarded as a replacement for existing marketing channels but complements traditional media and makes it more effective.

Marketing activities are more focused towards location, relevance and context of the communication to the target market. Permission based marketing and community building has become much more important.

Every customer is important today and there is a need for companies to reach out via multiple channels. Measuring media effectiveness has been traditionally difficult but complementing marketing campaigns with powerful media like text messaging and SMS have generated spectacular response and recall rates for campaigns.

The current competitive business environment has lead to a growing demand for mobility, and for 24/7 access to information and services. Organizations which capitalize on this demand will be leaders in the market of the future. IndusMobile' proven wireless solutions for business can gain your organization that competitive advantage.

IndusMobile’s professional services team provides world-class consulting and integration services within the convergence of Internet and wireless technologies.

These multi-disciplinary professionals work directly with clients to define winning, user-centric mobile strategies.

IndusMobile professional services activities are divided into four main practices:

» Wireless Marketing
» Wireless Commerce
» Wireless Advertising
» Wireless Messaging

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